Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top Five Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding

Uncomplicated Guest List : Feel no pressure inviting every acquaintance, coworker, or so-and-so you haven't seen in five years. Keep it to a minimum! Invite immediate family or have a romantic whirlwind for two!

Nix Family Feuds : It're trying to plan the most important day of your life and neither side of the family can get along. It happened to me! No arguing about where to host the reception, it's about the two of you and your marriage!

Traveling is Your Calling : I love seeing different places and experiencing different cultures! The beauty of seeing exotic travel locations in person with the love of your life is a thrilling experience everyone should get to have! Imagine a Parisian stroll to a quaint cafe, a romance filled wine tasting in the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, or the excitement and colors of Madrid!

It's Easier : You have each other, just get the dress, photographer [so you can reminisce forever], and pick the locale! After that it's pretty much downhill...get your passports and pack!

You Get to Start Your Honeymoon Early! You're already at your destination! No extra planning or expense needed! Start off with the included day after session. Either a trash the dress or a life unscripted session honeymoon style! {{MORE info}}

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Silvers | Ever After Session 2012 | North Carolina

  Ever After sessions are family sessions...the life that happens "...ever after." The Silvers are a super fun family that I have known for quite a long time! I was the summer camp counselor for their two boys...EIGHT years ago while working as a figure skating coach. They were in elementary school then... Now the eldest son is in college and the younger son just turned 16. I feel old.

  This family really knows how to have a good time and get you smiling. I don't think I've ever frowned in their presence...I find it impossible with their infectious smiles and amazing humor! Not to mention, they make my job easy with those smiles!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

What to Wear | Courtship Sessions

I have several Courtship Sessions coming up soon and I wanted to give some ideas of what to wear. Especially since it's the most asked question! These aren't really matched outfits.

They're inspiration boards to remind you to :

+ Layer if you can [aka : when it isn't hot as mess outside] : cardigans, blazers, jackets
+ Don't get 1990's crazy with the prints [remember this? and if you don't...count your self lucky]
+ Solid colors look awesome.
+ Do not go crazy matching! [the horror!]
+ Don't forget your accessories: scarves, ties, jewelry, hair pieces, + sunglasses are fun too!
+ Even though it's been popular and continues to be, I prefer not to shoot the all white tops and jeans/khakis look. [everything about that photo was wrong...] In fact, don't wear white unless it's a bridal/wedding session. BUT you can break that rule if you use it as a base and layer it with color. Cream/off white is fine though [especially in the form of lace/crochet.]
+ Don't have a bunch of printed words/symbols on your takes away from your beautiful faces!

Any questions? Leave them below! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

New at Nest + Vine | Life Unscripted Sessions

  There are some new and fun things coming up for Nest + Vine! I am now booking all day shoots for the family or couples that want a sincerely laid back, non-invasive session. A snapshot of life as it is. It's no stress, no pressure, no posing at all. Life Unscripted. Sometimes the most precious of moments happen at home where no one sees, and later wishing that you had been able to capture it. How about going about your day, and feeling at ease knowing that these fleeting times are captured?
  My Mister and I married young and in less than 8 years, went from being a family of us two to a family of five! It's so so hard to remember the days before our precious littles. How we wish we had some keepsakes from that time! This would be great for you engaged couples as well. Imagine your children asking about what you were like, before they were born & not only being able to tell them, but to show them with a beautiful keepsake album!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Nest | Baby Girl is Five

  Our youngest daughter turned five! We celebrated with shopping and bowling...she didn't want a party. She really wanted to go to the aquarium and the beach [even if it was cold], but changed her mind and wanted to go bowling. She really enjoys we have done this for her birthday for three years in a row now.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ruffles + Camera | Mini Review

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  I have a new, ruffly, lacy, vintage-y, grey camera strap. I had no idea before now, that I could adore a camera strap. The talented handmade designer at Rosella's Lane, makes the most darling and super chic camera strap covers. Not just that though, she's super nice and creates other vintage inspired goodies!
  The camera strap cover is made of superior quality. It looks pretty and delicate, yet is strong and well made. It really made my camera strap a lot more comfortable to wear also! There's a grey base, with a frayed grey layer and then a doily-type lace on top that's ruffled up. What could be more fun?! The buttons on the strap cover keep it from sliding around and are also attached securely.
  I have lots of jewelry that I love to wear [long necklaces and such], but they tend to get in the way while I'm shooting. This is a great way to add little something to my shooting attire, and not have to worry about it getting all tangled up with my camera....or hair...or knock a kid in the face. [I may or may not have done that while wearing an vintage owl pendant while shooting my own child...]

Here are some more photos, because you know I can never resist an opportunity to photograph something.

And if you really want to get your hands on one pretty camera strap cover, head on over to Rosella's Lane...I do have a recommendation if you're looking for one [and even if you're not, just oogle this one for a minute] I mean, how adorable is that?! I really want this one too.